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werkleben is an exhibition and the result of a one week design workshop titled to bauhaus or not to bauhaus held at planet aldea in bergen

what can we as desigeners contribute to a world of plenty ?

one of our answers to that question is an installation mapping various local designers, makers, crafts people, suppliers and materials

this colaborative exhibition also includes a manifesto and nettwork (m)app which can soon be found on www.tobauhausornottobauhaus.com 

photos taken dy dag randen

big thanks to all fellow participants of the workshop in random order: jouni kuuva, susanne notøy, lina haveland, camilla figueroa, imi maufe, kjetil smedal, kamilla stokkevåg, tora rørvik, jonas evensen, philipp von hase, silje tombre, marthe lægreid, erling revheim

derived from german 
trödel meaning old objects