Philipp von Hase


presentation station | aka kopf kino 

“Kopfkino” is a german term that refers to an imagination left untamed, often magnifying and looping the disturbing thoughts best left dormant. kopf kino amplifies live actions with a camera and projects this action 10x enlarged onto the surrounding building facades. curious passersby, inhabitants of the space begin to see the power of this object and spontaneously interact with its possibilities. source:

in spring of 2012 the arcitect - artist collective ON/OFF made a series of experimental excursions in berlin. the idea was to activate the potentials of the urban setting; the blank facades, the busy streets, the characters that comprise what we understand as our community and our city

the original kopfkino was designed by Sam Carvalho, Berk Asal & Nicholas Green. the Bergen adaptation was created by Dan Dorocic, Robert Jakobsen, and Philipp von Hase for BIT Teatergarasjen & Carte Blanche - the norwegian national company of contemporary dance

the project is part of the celebration of the 950 year anniversary for the city of bergen. kopfkino helps to build up our thinking about democracy as a community of active participants; characterized by collaboration, diversity and long-term thinking. sharing ideas and perspectives is at the heart of the concept of the public assembly, and central to our existence.

instagram: @philipp.vonhase
derived from latin 
populus meaning people