Philipp von Hase
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meia lua

meia lua is a three legged and half circular chair which is inspired by the traditional ‘spinning’ chair 

this type of chair was  developed in the eighteenth cenutry and was mainly used when working on a spining wheel

intrigued by it’s simplicity and honesty i recenlty did my own take on this owtherwise rather folckloric chair 

meia lua meaning halv moon in portugese is also a spinning move found in the martial art of capoeira

the first two prototypes of the meia lua chair were designed and handmade at nida art cololny in lithuania
during the neringa forest architecture residency in twenty twenty one

photography by torgeir holme

producer: philipp von hase
materials: oak, reclaimed mahogny

price: on request
series: 2 pieces
year: 2021

instagram: @philipp.vonhase