Philipp von Hase



‘gaia is the ancestral mother of all life  - gaia from ancient greek - a poetical form of land or earth, is the personifcation of the earth’

the absent part of the gaia sculpture is identical and complementary to the present part of it - together they create a sphere - interconnected and independent as in nature

gaia is the three dimensional result of a form study inspired by the permaculture 'core model' and the ancient chinese shape of 'yin yang' 

the gaia project was concieved as part of a wood-fiber-based-bio-composite material research titled ‘craft like a forest’ - a part of the neringa forest architecture residence at nida art colony on the curonian spit in lithuania 

photography by dag randen

design: philipp von hase 
producer: situs furniture
materials: walnut and maple
series: series of three
price: not for sale
year: 2021 

instagram: @philipp.vonhase